Welcome to Maseno Girls Primary Boarding School .

Current Headteacher

Founded in 1959 under the church missionary society.Its registration number is 31/028.- under the Local Goverment.

The establishment of the school aimed at empowering the girl-child by giving them quality education,(courtesy, the late Rev.William Mayor).The school operates under firm christian foundation.



Maseno girls Boarding was established in 1959, under C.M.S ( today A.C.K), with a population of 15 girls and ONE teacher who doubled up as a headteacher.

By 1970, the pupils population increased to 150 most of who were daughters of the clergy. Today (2008) the population stands at 400 girls from age 8-15 years.

We acknowledge the participation of the following prominent personalities ( who are today resting with the lord):

  • The Bishop Evan J. Agola,
  • Rev. William mayor
  • Canon Daniel Ongile and
  • Canon Hesbon Nyongo - for playing the role of establishing the school.

Since it’s birth, the school has developed physically with alot of financial constraints. But the most crucial challenge now is the rate at which the girls are orphaned and how we can sustain their education.

The learners actively involve in various clubs:

  • Girl Guiding and Brownies
  • St. John’s Ambulance
  • Child Rights and
  • Environmental.

The clubs add value to our academic growth and results.The teachers get in service courses for professional update. The Guidance and counseling department recieves training, to gain professionalism.

The school recieves the top most academic awards at the beginnhing f each academic calendar - for sending the largest number of girls to the National Schools and attaining the highest mean score in the district.

Events Calendar

CALENDAR OF EVENTSJanuary - March 2008:Head start tests Std 4Dranma activitiesSunday School OutingOpen Day (February)Ball gamesStd 8 parents meeting…

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